Stand-up and gambling: how to joke about casinos and bets

It seems that there are practically no similarities between the two except that both of them are forms of entertainment. However, it was proved to be wrong. Free casino games, though originated a few centuries ago, has become truly popular only in the 20th century. Perhaps, the wave of its popularity was the first reason for making jokes about it since when something’s popular it’s easier to depict funny illustrations of it.  

Actually, there have been very few occasions when the whole (even short) standup was dedicated to gambling. However popular comedians like Bernie Mac, Redd Foxx, Lewis Black have from time to time indirectly touched on gambling and card games. 

How can they be combined?

As to the latter, Bernie Mac even made energetic and enthusiastic jokes about the UNO card game that originated in South America. Typically, most of the jokes that become viral are related to the reality of a typical gambler (big wins, desperate losses, radical steps towards regaining what they’ve lost) as well as their reactions to it. Also, stereotypes about the manner of gambling of some nations are frequently the subject of making jokes. In the following video, a comedian vehemently tells about how things really are in gambling with Chinese people. Especially, he singles out a very expressive way of gambling of Chinese people. Such standups are truly useful because sometimes they give the chance to people to laugh at themselves in some ridiculous gambling situations.

What are the profits for each side?

This kind of unintentional cooperation gives benefits to both casinos and comedians. Gambling services get some kind of free promotion and comedians get the ground for their jokes or pans. Usually, jokes are not intended at criticism and do not touch on failures of casinos but simply depict people’s ridiculous behavior in extraordinary situations while gambling. 

Also, there are some cases when a casino can order promotions in the form of a short comedy show. Such a promotional campaign can be effective provided the comedian is popular and demanded. The next site compiles some typical jokes and puns relating to gambling. It should be noted that many of them are formed both through gambling and card terms as well as special jargon. 

Sometimes jokes about gambling may be made while being at an evening show. Participants tell stories of their lives about gambling and can actually encourage or raise interest in people to gambling. Such a way can additionally pull some people to become regular customers of gambling offices. In the video below, a famous actor and comedian Will Ferrell opens up on funny stories about launching his own small casino and tells a great gambling story. 

How to find a gambling service that is not laughed at?

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In diverse anecdotes and jokes, you can hear many times about Las Vegas. There are frequent occasions when comedians share their experience of going there very frankly just like in this episode.

So everyone’s probably informed about Las Vegas quite well. Then, why not try to find some reliable Vegas casinos online if you can’t go there. For that, you search up the lists of best and then opt for the one you like most. Actually, listening to stand-ups, you can learn useful information that will facilitate your searching.  Additionally, if you’re just searching for a portion of funny stories connected with gambling, then you’re offered with a plenty of websites that can satisfy you. 

People excitingly tell both positive and negative stories helping you to choose a reliable casino because you can learn on their mistakes and be prepared for a wide range of outcomes. There are also stories that tell what you should not do. Gambling addiction is the widespread problem that is communicated through diverse internet articles as well. tells such a story warning of the addiction consequences.